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Our practical, elegant Classic rooms measure 20 m2. Cozy spaces with a warm, secluded atmosphere, they are suitable for single or double. The bathrooms are equipped with a bathtub or shower and a complimentary toiletries set.

Each room expresses its own unmistakable style in its choice of themes, wall colors, and decorative touches. For example, the Camera del Sole (Sun Room), designed and created by the set designer Mauro Tinti, is inspired by the black and gold of the chinoiserie style so fashionable in the 1700s, with a dramatic play of light and a touch of magic and esotericism; the Camera Amadori (Amadori Room), created in cooperation with the Bologna Municipal Theater Foundation, is dedicated to the violinist, painter, sculptor, and caricaturist Eugenio Amadori, paying tribute to him with a collection of his extraordinary caricatures of musicians and orchestra conductors; the Camera del Mondo (World Room), designed and created by the set designer Mauro Tinti, is an ironic wunderkammer in eighteenth-century style, furnished with curious souvenirs from all over the world, a journey for the mind and a delight for the spirit; the Typewriting Room pays tribute to the machine that revolutionized the concept of writing with a giant keyboard on the ceiling which enables guests to write imaginary letters while lying comfortably in bed, as well as the bright red “Valentine” portable typewriter designed by Ettore Sottsass, and a vinyl record with typing lessons for “Lettera 22”, read by the author Mario Soldati and set to music by Franco Potenza. Other rooms have been created by famous cartoonists and illustrators in cooperation with the International Comics Festival.

Camera del sole

di Mauro Tinti

Amadori Room

Camera del Mondo

di Mauro Tinti

Typewriting Olivetti

BilBOlbul 2013 Nel giardino

di Alessandro Baronciani

BilBOlbul 2016

di Irene Penazzi

BilBOlbul 2012

di Sarah Mezetti

BilBOlbul 2010

di Giulia Sagramola

BilBOlbul 2011 Il Teatrino dell'Ebrezza

di Rupper&Mullot

BilBOlbul 2011 La camera dei mostri

di Marina Girardi

BilBOlbul 2013

di Viola Nicolai

BilBOlbul 2014

di Lisa Passaniti

BilBOlbul 2014 Deflorian Room

di Anna Deflorian

BilBOlbul 2015 La camera della pioggia

di Collettivo Blanca

BilBOlbul 2019 Sul cominciar del giorno

di Mariachiara Di Giorgio

BilBOlbul Pallas Wunderkammer

di Alice Socal

La camera dell'Opera

Cheap Festival 2015

Cheap Festival 2016

Shock in Pink

di Elsa Schiaparelli

John Cage Silent Room

  • Ariacondizionata
  • Asciugacapelli
  • Safe
  • Mini-bar
  • Free wifi
  • Telephone
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Slippers
  • Courtesy kit