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Bologna by Night

Bologna by Night

Bologna's nightlife is inextricably linked to its young, innovative, and experimental spirit, which it reflects in a simply marvelous way.

Its cultural offerings of prestigious universities, well-stocked bookshops, and a large number of busy, bustling markets gradually transforms by night, becoming an endless stretch of nightlife venues, lounge bars, and clubs that stay open until dawn, each featuring its own style and trends.

The city's nightlife, whether popular with students or others, is especially busy and vibrant in Via del Pratello, Via Zamboni, Via delle Belle Arti, and all the little streets that intersect with the striking Piazza Maggiore, offering a vast array of pubs, taverns, wine bars, and various clubs, from apericena (happy hour) to drinks, accompanied by live music or DJs. Lovers of swing, jazz, and blues won't want to miss the Cantina Bentivoglio: this is where Italy's first jazz clubs were born, the venue where Lucio Dalla loved to play.

Considered the Jazz Salon of Bologna, this chic, elegant venue with its vaulted ceilings in the heart of the historic center has a lovely outside space and organizes special evenings and events with exceptional jazz concerts. To take in some good live music, other great venues are l’Arteria, il Covo, Bravo Cafè, and l’Altro Spazio, the first inclusive bar in Italy, built around differently-abled people to dismantle the idea of disability.

Lovers of opera, orchestral music, ballets, and classical music will want to catch one of the great performances at Teatro Comunale, the theater where Luciano Pavarotti performed in his youth. In the Sala Mozart of the Accademia Filarmonica di Bologna, one can be transported by the timeless melodies of Mozart as well as those of Brahms, Vivaldi, Haydn, and many other classical greats.

One of the city's best nightclubs is Link Project, with its four dance floors arranged over two levels, where club-goers can choose music at the speed and frequency they prefer. Some of Bologna's finest and most popular nightclubs include Numa and the historic Matis and Kinki.